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  • noun Plural form of negro.


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  • The Best Generation as defined by Tom Brokaw would hang those negroes from the nearest oak tree in a New York second if they got out of line and you can have that place in your dreams and my reality and stick it up your ass.

    Rural Mexico revisited

  • Ximenez to purchase a sufficient number of negroes from the Portuguese settlements on the coast of Africa and to transport them to America in order that they might be employed as slaves in working in the mines and tilling the ground.

    Bartholomew de Las Casas; his life, apostolate, and writings

  • Already men had begun to kidnap negroes from the West

    This Country of Ours: The Story of the United States

  • There were giantesque negroes from the heart of Africa; lithe, handsome youths from India and Arabia; far-travelled strangers from

    The Girl from the Marsh Croft

  • Last year, on an occasion when my husband had to leave us for many days, and there was no white person living within several miles of the house, before going he called the negroes around him and told them that he was going off to be absent some time, and to their care and protection he entrusted their mistress and his child.

    Diary of a Refugee By Frances Hewitt Fearn, edited

  • The white inhabitants of the southern states are well aware of these superstitious terrors of the blacks, and on the day of the election secured the absence of the negroes from the polls by sending grotesquely dressed-up men to tie various colored ribbons round the liberty-masts erected at the booths, where the voting-tickets were taken.

    Further Records, 1848-1883: A Series of Letters

  • Cook came, he called the negroes up, men and women; counted them, looked them over as a purchaser would a drove of cattle that he intended to buy.

    My Southern Home: or, The South and Its People

  • American Colonisation Society, which has from time to time, since it was established, some forty years ago, sent out large numbers of emancipated negroes from the United States, and settled them on the coast of Africa, to form an independent political community.

    The Consul-General

  • At Norfolk the troops, aided by the white inhabitants, had driven the negroes from the town.

    Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

  • Cotton-stealing, by the negroes, is also prevalent.

    Foreign and Colonial Intelligence


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