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  • n. The state or condition of being neighbours; a connection or relationship between people or things which is based simply on living close geographically.
  • n. A relationship between people and / or things which is based simply on being of a similar class.


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From neighbour +‎ -ship. Cognate with Dutch nabuurschap ("neighbourship"), Low German Naberschaft ("neighbourship"), German Nachbarschaft ("neighbourship"), Swedish naboskap ("neighbourship").


  • Most often the description or label for a page area sits already elsewhere on screen, but with no obivous relationship to an element other than visible neighbourship.

    ginger's thoughts » ARIA – A Brief Introduction

  • There was then adjoining West Derby-road a large strawberry garden, which in summer time was the resort of pleasure-seekers, and it was the only approach to neighbourship along the whole length of the lane.

    Recollections of Old Liverpool

  • He even indulged in expressions of irritation, which nearly proved the means of commencing this new neighbourship by a duel; accusing General

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXXXVI. October, 1843. Vol. LIV.

  • Our robins and bluebirds are of the orchard and the home of man, but who can claim neighbourship to the bittern or the bullfrog?

    The Log of the Sun A Chronicle of Nature's Year

  • Their conveyance is no handsome carriage, but a rickety dog-cart, unmistakably betraying its neighbourship to the carts and ploughs of some rural farmyard.

    The Three Brontes

  • There is another picture that might be painted of mountains clothed in cloud, roads deep in mire, work done under drenching rains, early darkness, lack of neighbourship, isolation and monotony, a life separated by continents of silence from all the eager movement of the world.

    The Quest of the Simple Life

  • The vicars and the churchwardens, the squires and squireens, the heads of noble houses who, on the strength of their neighbourship, had offered him their hospitality, the villagers themselves, sticklers for propriety, would regard his arrest and the judge's remarks as something cataclysmic.

    The Black

  • A young little star glances at the earth with frightened eyes; it feels like coming out of the clouds near the castle, and because of its inmost neighbourship the heavy castle grows darker, and the light in its window seems redder and darker.

    The Crushed Flower and Other Stories

  • When Gordon went to the Soudan his principal object was to effect the evacuation of the country, and to establish there some administration which would be answerable for good order and good neighbourship.

    The Life of Gordon, Volume II

  • One whom the spirit did very frequently move was Sidney's fellow-lodger; he had no gift of expression whatever, but his brief, stammering protests against this or that social wrong had such an honest, indeed such a pathetic sound, that Sidney took an opportunity of walking home with him and converting neighbourship into friendly acquaintance.

    The Nether World


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