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  • n. Plural form of nematode.


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  • In India, where marigolds are traditionally planted among other crops, African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) intercropped with tomatoes or okra, were found to be effective for reducing six kinds of nematodes including the root knot nematode, and for increasing the quality and quantity of crop yields. 57 There appear to be several ways in which marigolds affect nematodes: substances exuded from marigold roots are nematocidal, the nematodes’ life cycle is interrupted because nematode larvae have difficulty penetrating marigold roots, and nematodes are unable to develop once inside the roots.

    5. How plants live and grow

  • His response was "As far as I know, all attempts to show learning in nematodes have failed," but that I was free to choose my research project when I arrived.

    H. Robert Horvitz - Autobiography

  • He had set out a few years before in search of new varieties of minuscule but ubiquitous and extraordinarily hardy roundworms—which aren’t really worms at all but rather are called nematodes.

    First Contact

  • DBCP, short for dibromochloropropane, was widely used around the world in the 1960s and 1970s to control microscopic worms called nematodes that attack roots and destroy crops.

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  • The IQ gap between our descendants and us, one essayist estimates, will be greater than the gap between us and tiny worms called nematodes, which can't even balance a checkbook.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • Soil life forms increase in complexity to microscopic round worms called nematodes, various kinds of mollusks like snails and slugs (many so tiny the gardener has no idea they are populating the soil), thousands of almost microscopic soil-dwelling members of the spider family that zoologists call arthropods, the insects in all their profusion and complexity, and, of course, certain larger soil animals most of us are familiar with such as moles.

    Organic Gardener's Composting

  • Tiny, wormlike organisms called nematodes can be friend or foe to farmers.

  • One is to grow tiny worms called nematodes that naturally attack the beetle. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The researchers then unleashed roundworms, also called nematodes, on the plots.


  • The symptoms that you described could be the result of a root problem, but the cause could be the pathogen that causes EBD, the microscopic ell worms called nematodes, and / or extended drought.

    The Roanoke Times: Home page


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