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  • Concerning my use of the term neo-Nazi, I don't think it's in any way controversial to use the term to describe David Duke, Stormfront or the BNP.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Authors Note May 4, 2008: It is important to note that although the term neo-populists has its roots in Presidents who embraced economic reforms of the neo-liberalism nature (e.g.: Like Alberto Fujimori of Peru and Carlos Menem of Argentina).

    Latin American Neo-Populists: Or how I learned that Populism is nothing but Rhetorical Poppycock

  • The artistic discourse of that era was buzzing with the term neo avant-garde, in a period that corresponds with Late Modernism or early postmodern art.

    09 « March « 2008 « Jahsonic

  • The term neo avant-garde was rejected by many, but the term can be interpreted to refer to a second wave of avant-garde art such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Nouveau Réalisme and Fluxus.

    09 « March « 2008 « Jahsonic

  • Of course, the term neo-conservative is no longer adequate to describe this narcissistic triad of manipulators currently dominating our nation for its own benefit.

    George Bush -- The Contemporary Benedict Arnold of the Proto-Fascist Republican Triad

  • Now in 1968, I still voted for Hubert Humphrey, but by the nine -- by 1974, I realized I was going to become a Republican, and by that time the term neo-conservatism had been invented, and I decided I was also a neo-conservative.

    Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea

  • The result is a wide application of the term neo-classical about which there can now be no one, precise definition.


  • That agenda is best described by the term neo-liberalism.


  • Despite Cobb's steady hand, there are some significant disagreements among the contributors to this volume-about the meaning and application of the term neo-Darwinism, for example, and over the types of causative factors that affect evolutionary changes and the degree to which Whiteheadian thought provides the best metaphysics for integrating science and religion.


  • Recent writings on evolution by Ernst Mayr, Richard Dawkins and others suggest that the term neo-Darwinism be dropped and that Darwinism be viewed, in Mayr's words, as a



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