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  • In his keynote address, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said decades of experience with what he called the neo-liberal paradigm of growth have failed to bring prosperity to Africa.

    African Ministers Mull Government’s Role in Development

  • At the same time, we have a neo-liberal philosophy that argues that everything should be "on the market" and not free.

    James Gee: School Reform Is a Dead End, Unless...

  • The medium-term effect of neo-liberal Conservative policy in has been to destroy ethos in institutions such as the Civil Service and the National Health Service by remodelling them on contractualist and managerialist lines.

    The credit crunch will do for Margaret Thatcher's reputation

  • The self-destruction of British conservatism by New Right ideology and policies is best interpreted as an exemplification of a central neo-liberal theme - the importance of unintended consequences in social, economic and political life.

    The credit crunch will do for Margaret Thatcher's reputation

  • In addition to squandering a large part of Britain's patrimony of civilized institutions, this neo-liberal project of refashioning social life on a primitive model of market exchange has speeded the delegitimation of established institutions of such as the monarchy and the Church.

    The credit crunch will do for Margaret Thatcher's reputation

  • And, despite every sign that it has failed us wildly, we still have the persistent dominance of Regan-era pro-corporate, trickle-down, neo-liberal economic ideology.

    Sally Kohn: One Nation March: Sometimes Size Doesn't Matter

  • For eight years public school educators, parents and students in New York City have suffered through the hallmarks of the neo-liberal education reform movement; we have been inundated with Mr. Klein's endless pro-charter rhetoric, we have watched obscene amounts of our money poured into so-called accountability measures and ill-planned restructuring, all while slashing our school based budgets and demonizing teachers and their union.

    Julie Cavanagh: Wagging my Finger While my Boss Wags the dog

  • Unlike America, which has witnessed the rise of the far right Tea Party, Brazil has no classic "neo-liberal" right on the political spectrum.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Part II: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

  • No. There's also a declaration on workers 'rights, which has even less legal force than the decision on abortion, taxation and neutrality, but may give comfort to those who fear the EU is a neo-liberal capitalist conspiracy.

    Lisbon again

  • However, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela are also countries that have turned their backs on the "Washington Concensus" neo-liberal framework of the last twenty years, and are agressively looking for markets outside the traditional trading partners.

    M�xico's economic woes


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