neo-malthusian love


from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective Designating, or pertaining to, a group of modern economists who hold to the Malthusianism doctrine that permanent betterment of the general standard of living is impossible without decrease of competition by limitation of the number of births.


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  • Prince Phillip, a leading neo-malthusian, was once quoted as saying he hoped to be reincarnated as a virus so he could wipe up 95% of the population.

    Swine Flu-- Normal or Malignant?

  • John Edwards rise in the Democratic primaries was largely in response to a neo-malthusian argument... the fear that all our jobs 200million of them are going to have to be shared with two billion Chinese and Indians!

    Hitler's Argument for Conquest, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • What the misguided Russian influentials have done, is usually not intended by them to accomplish genocide; but, the effect of their participation in current proposals for new global agreements, would, nonetheless, have the same outcome in practice, whether they adopted an explicitly neo-malthusian intention, or not.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • Thus, in that observation, we have the background, to recognize the essential characteristics of the sundry, ignorance-fed expressions of those forms of mass suppression of scientific-technological progress, such as malthusianism, or today's neo-malthusian ( "green") mass-stupefaction of populations, as by the World Wildlife Fund of the current Duke of Edinburgh; his son, the Prince of Wales; the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; and Philip's American puppet, the perverse former U.S.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • The evidence is clearly available; but, many people deny these facts, nonetheless, because they have been brainwashed into the inherently tragic, neo-malthusian mythologies of the Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus's

    LaRouche's Latest

  • The complicity of the scoundrels associated with this neo-malthusian orgy, is an included reflection of the behavior of those who defend the memory of such ugly precedents as the case of the Spanish Grand Inquisitor's expulsion of the Jews, long before Adolf Hitler, and of the policy governing those rituals of execution, which recall the figure of Joseph de Maistre.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • "68ers," required the lies they told themselves, and also others, to induce them to adopt neo-malthusian mass-murderous policies for the planet at large.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • This took the form of such included features as: a) Introduction of neo-malthusian policy to the State Department and relevant National Security functions, b) A large-scale dismantling of the logical structure of aerospace research and development, and c) a set of social policies based on the model of the utopianism, called generally the "Great Society" program.

    Europe 1992: BackTrail of The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr


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