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  • n. A Protestant movement that arose during World War I and is closely associated with Karl Barth. It opposes liberalism and advocates certain theological, especially Calvinist doctrines of the Reformation.


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  • Kierkegaard was as much the father of Protestant neo-orthodoxy as he was of existentialism, and for him, religious belief also refuses assimilation into any neat and convenient metaphysics.

    Why I am Not a Pantheist (Nor a Panentheist): Metaphysics, Totalization, and the Cosmos By Jonathan Weidenbaum

  • In other words, have you, with everything thus entailed, accepted the doctrine of Original Sin, always denied outright in Judaism, and always at least downplayed to the same practical effect in the Liberal Protestantism that, through the reception of neo-orthodoxy in popular Protestantism, and through the secularisation of much Catholic thought and practice after but not because of the Second Vatican Council, has so heavily influenced neoconservatism?

    First Post Says Blair to Resign on May 9th

  • Then Barth, Bultmann attempted to rescue it with neo-orthodoxy- much like shooting the patient to cure cancer.

    Lean Left » Blog Archive » The Bible Against Itself

  • The generation of theologians that returned to liberalism after the collapse of neo-orthodoxy retired at the end of the century, often to be replaced by theologians committed to postliberalism, evangelicalism, the "radical orthodoxy" movement, Catholic orthodoxy, or a variant of Protestant confessionalism.

    Philocrites: Liberal theology's ambiguous future.

  • Gary Dorrien, perhaps the leading historian of liberal theology working today, argues that even neo-orthodoxy — even Karl Barth — should really be understood as a corrective within the liberal tradition, not as renunciations of the whole liberal enterprise.

    Philocrites: Inherent goodness got you down?

  • I wasn't, as I remember it, graceless enough to quarrel with him often, but he could not have been ignorant of my Harvard neo-orthodoxy, with its Eliotic undercurrent of panic.

    Philocrites: February 2006 Archives

  • Worldwide, Christianity is actually moving toward supernaturalism and neo-orthodoxy, and in many ways toward the ancient world view expressed in the New Testament: a vision of Jesus as the embodiment of divine power, who overcomes the evil forces that inflict calamity and sickness upon the human race.

    The Next Christianity

  • It is estimated that there are 17 million die-hard fundamentalist Christians in the United States and another 70 million closely affiliated with Christian neo-orthodoxy.

    Beware the self-fulfilling prophesies of millenarians

  • However, it was with the election of George W. Bush that adherents of Protestant neo-orthodoxy openly claimed to have installed one of their own in the Oval Office.

    Beware the self-fulfilling prophesies of millenarians

  • And by the 1930s, Adams observed, his fellow Unitarians were almost completely unprepared for history's sharp turn away from them in the rise of movements as diverse as existentialism, fundamentalism, totalitarianism, fascism, anti-religious scientism, and theological neo-orthodoxy.

    Philocrites: Cape Cod's scaaary Unitarian Universalists.


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