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  • adj. hopelessly outdated


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  • First of all let us consider once more the conditions of primitive life, and ask if it is not a little significant that Veblen,6 the latest sociologist to review the whole body of evidence now at our disposal, finds himself forced to the view that in neolithic times (or throughout the whole age when woman occupied the position of honour to which we have referred above) mankind enjoyed a period of comparative peace and prosperity. 7 From the modern standard of emancipation the value of the benefits which women

    Militarism versus Feminism: An Enquiry and a Policy Demonstrating that Militarism involves the Subjection of Women

  • I think Göbekli Tepe is called neolithic in the article because it it is dated in a part of our history where we have the transitional period between mesolithic and neolithic or Pre Pottery Neolithic as it is called in the article.

    The pot-belly of Göbekli Tepe is no place for a navel

  • What kind of neolithic thinking encourages one president to drag a country to war trying to spread "democracy" but discourages another president from ensuring all Americans have access to medical care?

    Congresswoman says some senators 'Neanderthals'

  • This evidence of the use of metal tools is a great point of Dr. Munro, against such speculative minds as deem Dumbuck and Langbank "neolithic," that is, of a date long before the Christian era.

    The Clyde Mystery a Study in Forgeries and Folklore

  • 'neolithic', as if it mattered in the least whether your stone implement be chipped or polished to an edge.

    Progress and History

  • Maeshowe, Orkney See the solstice sunset light up this neolithic chamber on a midwinter walk.

    Gravitate to Guimarães

  • As humanity stabilized into sedentary populations after the neolithic revolution, organized religion began to take over in small pockets of civilization, spreading as the associated cultures began to increase in influence and power.

    Michael Taft: Hardwired for the Mystical?

  • The neat thing about this prediction was the way it seemed to fit the number of good friends most people have, as measured by the length of address books, the size of hunter-gatherer bands, the population of neolithic villages and the strength of army units.

    How Many Friends Can Your Brain Hold?

  • R1b1b2 - L21*. been on this island since the neolithic turned into the Bronze Age.

    It ain't easy being indigenous...

  • This holds for economies of 100 neolithic villagers as well as for global technological civilization as currently constituted.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Consumer Surplus Decade


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