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  • n. the quality of being nerdy


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  • Despite, or maybe because of, their acrobatic prowess, owning one has always had a certain nerdiness attached to it.

    The Folding Bike Goes Cool

  • Now, to make sure my nerdiness is secure, let's talk about what's wrong with my title, "Kinda Dorky Nerd King."

    Your Sci Fi Catholic on the Nerd Scale

  • Warning: though hard-cord nerdiness is helpful when reading the following, it is not essential.

    Writer Unboxed » 2006 » April

  • I wish I lived near so much organised nerdiness. is why I live very far away.

    January 10th, 2007

  • Your nerdiness is my favorite of your many fetching qualities.

    (Inside A Black Apple)

  • I think it's difficult for those of us who were not there to focus on the server's behavior in that context, although my general opinion is that if a restaurant wants to serve expensive wine at an exorbitant mark-up (which is almost a given) they should defer to any wine "nerdiness" that walks through the door, whether it be rude or not.

    Rough Restaurant Experience With Wine Offers Reminder: Vintage Matters

  • A bill with wine ordered means a bigger tip and a profit for the restaurant -- even the most intense "nerdiness" should be tolerated in that respect.

    Rough Restaurant Experience With Wine Offers Reminder: Vintage Matters

  • They don't work easily with existing traffic lanes and continue to be synonymous with a certain kind of nerdiness--see Exhibit A.

    Sustainable: Travel

  • Just click here, pick a kind of nerdiness that you are, and write yourself a theme song.

    E. Lockhart's Blog:

  • Although inhibition is linked to norepinephrine, what Higley calls the "nerdiness" of the loner who can't get along goes with low levels of the transmitter serotonin.

    How We Become What We Are


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