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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of nerf.


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  • Trap avoided: this class already got nerfed from the playtest doc where he could cast a large number of 1 minute/level Summon Monster SLAs and could easily boost his eidolon’s AC to the 50s without breaking a sweat.

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  • I so love the terms "nerfed" and "Kumquatted" and plan to use them incessantly for the rest of the week.

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  • And can you tell I just really like writing the word "nerfed"?

    May 2008

  • I like the word "nerfed", though I must confess to being terribly unworthy because I have no idea which vampire series is being referred to.

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  • And can you tell I just really like writing the word "nerfed"?

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  • A company that deleted an item or character, banned a character without court order, "nerfed" an item, or even shut down it's servers could also be reasonably accused of theft.

    Why not qualify the taking away of virtual objects as theft?

  • When a class is "nerfed", when it is reduced in power, players of that class flock to forums to express their discontent, sometimes in long-winded posts, multi-bulleted with provocative titles on the Damage Dealing, Healing or Tanking forums.

    The Voltage Gate

  • D used in Baldur's Gate is "nerfed", but I am no expert on P

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  • While light, its nice the World of Warcraft reference actually made sense (unlike when they tried it on Stargate SG1) - a future joke could have him complain that Blizzard (the company who makes the game) has "nerfed" his class the most - but then don't mention what class he plays - this would probably have all the "WoW" fans arguing which class he plays ;)

    LEVERAGE: It's Practically a Single Entendre

  • A character that is just thrown together can be done easily with any system, regardless of level, but I think that once you start looking for a quality character that will be fun to play and hopefully not nerfed or min-maxed by random choices, you do necessarily have to spend more time at it.

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