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  • v. Present participle of nerf.


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  • Sometimes, the idea behind nerfing is to better balance the game, to avoid the phenomenon of "when you get the Sword of Kumquat, it's all over, everyone else might as well quit."

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  • A prerequisite to monitoring and policing objects in such a world without "nerfing" the basic design intent is to impose realistic economic and physical constraints.

    Hot Blooded Objects

  • If a duping issue came up, would players have the right to file class action that the duping effected thier worth this could be applied to "nerfing" certain skills?

    The Taxman Cometh?

  • * No more see-saw, excessive "nerfing" and over-buffing that jerks the entire game around every few months.

    A Shot Across the Bow

  • Given that, and people's attachment to their characters and the activities of their characters, it's reasonable to think that any given change could upset players not merely in terms of "nerfing", but maybe even their relationships and identities.

    What constitutes 'ethical participant observation' in MMOG ethnography?

  • This means rather than "nerfing" people, the aim was to make everyone stronger, though to varying degrees.

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  • I forgot which version it was, but it was released not long before I stopped playing the game intensively, and it fixed a number of issues such as nerfing the T3 siege bots, making T2 more viable as an option in battle (for those of you who played, remember the T1 rushes in all maps, and the T1 to T3 mad rush in bigger maps?), and more.

    Anime Nano!

  • As much as Deus Ex: Human Revolution subverts the standard mook v. villain hierarchy, the nerfing of enemy AI at regular difficulty or lower leads the game to observe another concept from TV Tropes, that of "mook chivalry."

    Bart Motes: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Bat lantern, nerfing means making weaker, so no, giving batman any superpower would not be the same as nerfing him.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » I wish I had come up with this myself…

  • It's not just fiction that I've noticed this nerfing thing.

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