nerve-stretching love



from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In surgery, the operation of forcibly stretching a nerve, as for neuralgia.


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  • He watched the clear black stream of coffee, strong, hot, nerve-stretching, pour into his cup.

    Excerpt: Engaged to Die by Carolyn Hart

  • The inaction, the nerve-stretching tension, made almost unbearable by the thundery heat and the sweating uncertainty of that long vigil, suddenly snapped, in a wild shout from both sides of the field.

    The Wicked Day

  • There was nerve-stretching delay, for it had to be routed over land-wire to Kansas City, and some chief operator had to be convinced that she should commandeer a trunk line that was in commercial use.

    The Worlds Of Robert A Heinlein

  • He was being caught up in the nerve-stretching excitement of the game.

    Starman's Quest

  • They had been in it for three days -- three strenuous nights and days of marching, of fighting, of suffering under heavy shell-fire, of insufficient and broken sleep, of irregular and unpalatable rations, of short commons of water, of nerve-stretching excitement and suspense, all the inevitable discomforts and hardships that in the best organised of armies must be the part of any hard-fought action.

    Between the Lines

  • We had a very obstinate case of Bell's paralysis in the wards, and had tried it with every conceivable thing, blistering, tonics, nerve-stretching, galvanism, needles, but all without result.

    Round the Red Lamp

  • It was absorbing, exciting, exasperating, nerve-stretching, and finally it grew to be tragic.

    The Toys of Peace, and other papers

  • "In 1984 so many people were in 'bands' OR at home with personal computers that the motorways never got fixed - what was once a pleasure is now a nerve-stretching Exhaustion.

    FallNet - the punk foot of nose


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