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  • noun The tissue of which the nervous system is composed, exclusive of the requisite sustentacular and vascular parts. It includes the nerve-fibers and the ganglion-cells.


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  • It is obvious, especially when the nerve-tissue in question belongs to a dead frog, [29] that these experiments say nothing about the

    Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt

  • In Hinckley, California, as we all know, Erin Brockovich fought back when she helped victims of pollution go after the utility company that poisoned their water with Chromium 6, which causes cancer as well as liver, kidney, circulatory-system and nerve-tissue damage.

    National Press Club Luncheon with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

  • Knowing the general idea, and knowing the detailed structure of wing and bone and nerve-tissue is something far, far different.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • This is due to a degeneration of the brain-and nerve-tissue and is hereditary.

    Woman Her Sex and Love Life

  • The disease-producing organisms are present in great numbers in the nerve-tissue and saliva.

    Common Diseases of Farm Animals

  • Disturbances of the stomach and intestines are very closely connected with neurasthenia, loss of strength of the nerve-tissue, and hysteria, in some cases being the cause, and in other cases, which occur more frequently, the consequence of the same.

    Valere Aude Dare to Be Healthy, Or, The Light of Physical Regeneration

  • I had left the office early and investigated a number of the apartments on my list, at the expense of some nerve-tissue and considerable car-fare.

    The Van Dwellers A Strenuous Quest for a Home

  • The cells in the bone, muscle, nerve-tissue and blood of the animal differ according to their offices; and the same is true in the cells in the sap, stem, root, leaf, seed and flower of the plant.

    A Series of Lessons in Gnani Yoga

  • Whether it acts by merely setting up some trophic change in the nerve-tissue, or by tearing loose inflammatory adhesions which are binding down the nerve-trunk, the procedure gives excellent results, nearly always temporary relief, and sometimes a permanent cure.

    Preventable Diseases

  • In all this development, which continued up to a late hour last night, and is still going on, the nerve-tissue has lain side by side with every other tissue in the body, fed by the same blood, supplied with the same oxygen, saturated with the same body-lymph.

    Preventable Diseases


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