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  • adj. Alternative spelling of nervous-Nellie.


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  • In fact, the small-business tax troubles of the California congresswoman's husband -- which Republican partisans, nervous-nelly Democrats and media elites who cannot see the forest for the trees imagine as a Cabinet disqualifier -- confirm that Solis has precisely the real-world experience that is going to be required in a White House that seeks to tip balance away from Wall Street and toward Main Street.

    Save the Solis Nomination

  • It's only because media talking heads and nervous-nelly blog commenters obsess about this silliness that we're talking about it at all.

    McCain Campaign Devoting One Third Of Its Total Ad Spending To Britney-Obama Spot

  • Could you imagine the nervous-nelly networks ever going for a drama about a dysfunctional family of undertakers?

    It Was A Precedent-Setting Year For Tv

  • This is a well written take from a nervous-nelly fan (love ya Buddha!) that sums up nicely what most of us fans were so excited to see.

    Behind the Steel Curtain

  • Not counting a couple of nervous-nelly test posts, the inaugural contribution to this blog, which started off with a different name and would eventually come to be known by its current handle, was a long piece I wrote just for the hell of it sometime in 2003 or early 2004 called "Pleasures Worthy of Guilt."

    Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule

  • Before my daughters and I flew off to France last month, I tried to describe to my friend what a nervous-nelly homebody I am, despite being an experienced traveler: "It's so stupid; I feel like I have to tie up all the loose ends before I go -- not only drop off the dry cleaning, pay all the bills, and organize the pantry shelves, but also wash the rabbit hutch and decide if I'm going to marry Michael."

    Janet Carlson: Quick, Be Here Now


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