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  • Above that terrible nesting-place of gloom the stories of the mute houses were lividly outlined; at the very top, the chimneys stood palely out.

    Les Miserables

  • I was very happy that week with you: no care, a good nesting-place a lovely country, affectionate hearts and your beautiful and frank face which has a somewhat paternal air.

    The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters

  • Nutmeg pigeons are frequently shot by the hundred as they reach their nesting-place and mass themselves on the trees.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • With the loose end of bark in his bill, tugging and fluttering, using his tail as a lever with the tree as a fulcrum, and objurgating in unseemly tones, as the bark resists his efforts, the drongo assists the Moreton Bay ash in discarding worn-out epidermis, and the tree reciprocates by offering safe nesting-place on its most brittle branches.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • The crow and the heron are friends, as also are the sedge-bird and lark, the laedus and the celeus or green woodpecker; the woodpecker lives on the banks of rivers and beside brakes, the laedus lives on rocks and bills, and is greatly attached to its nesting-place.

    The History of Animals

  • The ledge was a favourite nesting-place for the birds, and the children had to be careful not to tread on the eggs.

    The Adventurous Four Again

  • Let us hope, and listen out next year for the cheery "Bob White, Bob White," from the old nesting-place.

    Plantation Sketches

  • A maid in dusting lifted up the flap, and down fell a quantity of fine, dry mud with young grubs in it which would soon have hatched into wasps, and revealed their rather strange nesting-place.

    Wild Nature Won By Kindness

  • The Blue and Cole Tit often choose the inside of a disused pump as their nesting-place.

    Wild Nature Won By Kindness

  • A tall hedge of Osage orange bordered each side of the road, shading the traveler from the heat of the sun, and furnishing a nesting-place for numberless small birds that twittered and chirped their joy in life and love and June.

    Aunt Jane of Kentucky


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