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  • n. As much as a net will hold.


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net +‎ -ful


  • Bouillabaise, a fish soup in a zesty, tomatoey broth comes from Marseilles and is traditionally made with a netful of fish from the Mediterranean, shellfish to sea bass.

    The Swell Dressed Party

  • The reporters were doing a fair impression of sharks shoving their way into a netful of bleeding tuna parts.

    License Invoked

  • The DP faithful were treated to a 15-minute video documenting the DP's "Fight Back" campaign on a massive screen looming over the sometime tennis court, while lasers played the DP's logo on to the ceiling and a netful of balloons were dropped from the rafters.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Instead its talons swiped through the netful of people, without effect.

    Demons Don't Dream

  • He looked at her oddly then took the skewered shrimp and the netful from her.

    The Princess

  • Through the lens Sharpe could see the carbines slung on their shoulders, and on each horse there was an obscene lump behind the stirrup where the rider had strapped a netful of forage for his mount.

    Sharpe's Eagle

  • Hauls in a netful every time she opens her mouth, and, some mouth!


  • "Evidently you are preparing to draw in a whole netful of fish," said

    The Substitute Prisoner

  • The pools are clothed with water-lilies and inhabited by eels, and I generally take a netful of writhing eels back with me to the Man of Wrath to pacify him after my prolonged absence.

    The Solitary Summer

  • Here they lay their eggs in the many safe little corners and shelves of the rock; and here they circle about in the sunshine, while the Esquimau boys make ready their long-handled nets, and creep and climb out upon the ledges of rock, and, holding up the net as the birds fly by, catch a netful to carry home for supper.

    The Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball That Floats in the Air


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