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  • noun Internet A technical glitch encountered when two or more IRC servers lose their connection to each other, dividing the network into a number of isolated groups of users.
  • verb Internet, transitive To leave an IRC server because of a netsplit.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

net +‎ split


  • It ran for a month without restarts SurrealChat. net w/o any problems, except occasionally chanbots not rejoining after a netsplit. Releases

  • This also means that in case of a netsplit, or enough nodes failing, the minority will not be able to make progress.

    Jeremy Zawodny's linkblog

  • This means that in this approach, in case of a netsplit, the disjoint parts of the network will accept diverging versions.

    Jeremy Zawodny's linkblog

  • With n = 3 nodes, if you have a netsplit between them and you get divergent versions, then your application will have to deal with it.

    Jeremy Zawodny's linkblog

  • Ilan, netsplit. de is only a statistical site .. and i think there’s a LOT of valuable knowledge lying in there .. reply

    Will IRSeeK Have A Chilling Effect on IRC Chat?

  • Twitter is basically IRC reinvented with a centralized web frontend. aka “chat for the masses”. now, decentralize it and we’re what, back to 1993? no way Twitter would want to contribute to a public protocol similar to RFC1459. why would they, nobody was ever able to solve the IRC netsplit-factor. so much for “The Internet was built to withstand a nuclear attack”. scriptkiddies are so underrated. reply

    Twitter Should Decentralize (And Make Money) Via Twitter Server


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