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  • adjective Of or pertaining to neuraminic acid or its derivatives


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From neuro- + amine + -ic


  • Cutting out neuraminic acid from the cell membrane weakens the cell membrane.

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  • The small oligosaccharides in glycoproteins of mammalian tissues are formed with just a few monosaccharides and neuraminic acid is the predominate one.

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  • Furthermore, neuraminidases also split off other sugars from glycoproteins, producing as much damage as cutting off neuraminic acid.

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  • Neuraminidase is an enzyme that catalyzes chemical reactions of N acetylneuraminic acid and other neuraminic acids, which are members of a group of substances classed as sialic acids.

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  • N-acetylneuraminic acid and other neuraminic acids are the predominate sugars in glycoproteins.

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  • It can cut out neuraminic acid from any or all of the glycoproteins in the cell membrane just like a good cutting horse cuts out the exact calf wanted by his master.

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  • In 1947 he discovered, in collaboration with Stone, the receptor-destroying enzyme present in Vibrio cholerae, a discovery which led to the synthesis of neuraminic acid and to the demonstration, by Gottschalk and Cornforth, that purified influenza virus will quantitatively split the acetylgalactosamine neuraminic acid compound.

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  • Takahata, N.; Varki, A.: Inactivation of CMP-N-acetyl - neuraminic acid hydroxylase occurred prior to brain expansion during hu - man evolution.

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  • List of Abbreviations NDP nucleoside 5'-diphosphate NEM N-ethylmaleimide Neu neuraminic acid NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide NMP nucleoside 5'-monophosphate NTP nucleoside

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