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  • noun Plural form of neurexin.


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  • Specifically, he identified proteins on presynaptic neurons, called neurexins, and proteins on the postsynaptic neuron, called neuroligins, which come together and bind at the synapse.

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  • Last year, scientists at the University of North Carolina published a study showing that proteins called neurexins are critical to nerve function in fruit flies.

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  • ; synapse-associated adhesion molecules such as neurexins, which are important for synapse formation and maintenance

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  • The discovery, made in Drosophila fruit flies may lead to advances in understanding autism spectrum disorders, as recently, human neurexins have been identified as a genetic risk factor for autism.

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  • Taniguchi H, Gollan L, Scholl FG, Mahadomrongkul V, Dobler E, et al. (2007) Silencing of neuroligin function by postsynaptic neurexins.

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  • Dresbach T (2006) Neuroligins and neurexins: linking cell adhesion, synapse formation and cognitive function.

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  • "In this way," explained Dr. Colamarino, "characterization of mouse models with mutations in genes for neuroligins and neurexins, both of which regulate synapses in the brain, highlights how genetic findings can be successfully and immediately leveraged into new autism research opportunities."


  • Originally thought to be presynaptic [64], immuno-electron microscopy has now shown that neurexins are also present postsynaptically

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  • There are many types of neurexins and neuroligins, and the pairing of any two helps create the properties of a synapse and the wide variability in the types of connections in the brain, Südhof says.

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  • Our finding that neurexin III is expressed in Bergmann glia is particularly interesting in light of the proposed role of neurexins in the development and maintenance of functional synapses.

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