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  • n. Any projection from the body of a neuron; either a dendrite or an axon

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  • n. In neural., the principal process or axis-cylinder process of a nerve-cell; a neuraxon: opposed to dendrite.


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  • Long sympathetic neurons and sensory neurons, with particular reference to those of the dorsomedial quadrant of spinal ganglia in chick embryo [12], provided a most valuable system for demonstrating the three main activities of NGF, i.e., 1) its vital trophic role during the early developmental stages, 2) its property of enhancing differentiative processes such as neurite outgrowth, and 3) of guiding the growing or regenerating neurites along its own concentration gradient. [

    Nobel Lecture The Nerve Growth Factor: Thirty-Five Years Later

  • I would get the same response if I tried to submit my neurite outgrowth paper to Journal of Molecular Biology.

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  • The 'priming model' prospected to give a molecular account for the very fast and very slow onset of neurite outgrowth occurring, respectively, in sensory and sympathetic cells [24] on the one hand and PC12 cells on the other [50], is an excellent example of the contribution of these latter cells to studies on the mode of action of NGF.

    Nobel Lecture The Nerve Growth Factor: Thirty-Five Years Later

  • In the reproductive tract, NGF could participate in fertilization mechanisms by cytoskeletal mediated activation of spermatozoa locomotion much in the same way as in neurite outgrowth, or by favoring egg implantation, via inhibition of rejection through the immune system.

    Nobel Lecture The Nerve Growth Factor: Thirty-Five Years Later

  • Tixier E, Coulet F, Roussel S, Petit E, et al. (2007) Crosstalk between HIF-1 and ROCK pathways in neuronal differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells, neurospheres and in PC12 neurite outgrowth.

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  • Y-27632 rescues collagen-induced arrest of neurite sprouting and elongation in cultured rat neurons

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  • Ishizaki T, Watanabe N, Uehata M, Kranenburg O, et al. (1998) Molecular dissection of the Rho-associated protein kinase (p160ROCK) - regulated neurite remodeling in neuroblastoma N1E-115 cells.

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  • Activated ROCK induces neurite retraction [5] while selective ROCK inhibitor, Y-27632, as well as ROCK dominant negative mutants promote neurite formation

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  • Rhee, J. - S. and Brose, N. Regulation of Rap2A by the ubiquitin ligase N.dd4-1 controls neurite development in cortical neurons.

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  • In cultured rat hippocampal neurons, acute and gradual increases in BDNF elicited transient and sustained activation of TrkB receptor and its downstream signaling, respectively, leading to differential expression of Homer1 and Arc. Transient TrkB activation promoted neurite elongation and spine head enlargement, whereas sustained TrkB activation facilitated neurite branch and spine neck elongation.

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