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  • n. Plural form of neurochemical.


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  • Therapists are taught to look elsewhere for the cause of their despair: childhood trauma, imbalanced neurochemicals in the brain or bad relationships with boyfriends, girlfriends, schoolmates or co-workers.

    Linda Buzzell: 'You Trashed My World And Stole My Life': Dealing With Generational Eco-Depression

  • • One could measure levels of dopamine, oxytocin, and other neurochemicals by adding genes that would cause neurons to fluoresce when they turn on the genes that manufacture those neurotransmitters.

    World Wide Mind

  • Smiling—that is, flexing the muscles of the face—stimulates the production of certain neurochemicals in the brain that are associated with feelings of pleasure and well-being.

    Make Yourself Unforgettable

  • Exercise replaces fear hormones in your body with neurochemicals that promote strength and power for longer periods.

    Make Yourself Unforgettable

  • And research has shown that we get a rush of neurochemicals related to pleasure, including dopamine, when we receive messages.

    Why Texting Turns Us Back Into Teenagers

  • But think of how much more difficult this process is when the so-called antigen "so-called" because people generally don't welcome or seek out pathogens, but they do cigarettes and cocaine acts by stimulating neurochemicals -- a much more diffuse process.

    Stanton Peele: There Will Never Be a (Useful) Addiction Vaccine

  • Also, the neurochemicals generated during these experiences will deepen your bond with your partner.

    Suzie Heumann: Spiritual Sex in an Increasingly Virtual World

  • All that stuff about NMDA and pathophysiology may well be true, but the reason doctors like Zarate were looking there in the first place and spinning these elaborate stories is exactly the reason that, as we will see in a moment, doctors were looking at serotonin: that a drug that unexpectedly made people feel better was found to have an effect on certain neurochemicals.


  • You feel this in both your mind and body as a result of powerful neurochemicals released in your system under stress.

    Love For No Reason

  • However, just like a drug high, this temporary infusion of feel-good neurochemicals at climax does not last.

    Marnia Robinson: Sex's Secret Gift: Aligning With The Flow Of Life


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