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  • n. A computation carried out by neurons.


neuro- +‎ computation (Wiktionary)


  • The corresponding activities of the neural network occur strictly in accord with physical laws; however, this fact does not necessarily imply that there can be a comprehensive scientific theory of consciousness, despite all the progress in neurobiology, neuropsychology and neurocomputation.

    2008 April - Telic Thoughts

  • Foundation asked me to do a blog, so I wrote about a potential threat of some agent or something being able to turn us into zombies by stopping consciousness selectively and maintaining our neurocomputation.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff

  • So consciousness is like an added feature to neurocomputation.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff

  • If they are not conscious -- if we are on auto-pilot, then those non-conscious behaviors and processes can be accounted for by neurocomputation.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff

  • So our theory is an added feature to neurocomputation, and doesn't conflict with it in any way, except to say that neurocomputation per se does not account for consciousness.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff

  • And in fact consciousness seems to move around the brain, while the neurocomputation continues all through the brain.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff

  • So if there is sufficiently complex neurocomputation, consciousness emerges as a novel property.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff

  • Litt et al and other proponents of neurocomputation should attempt to show how global brain gamma synchrony can be explained by classical (non-quantum) neural mechanisms.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • So if you see the brain as a computer at the neural level †"neurocomputation - you can indeed explain non-conscious, auto-pilot functions and behaviors.

    Interview with Stuart Hameroff


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