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  • adjective Exhibiting neurodiversity; varying in mental configuration.


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neuro- +‎ diverse


  • Is there a point at which a line is drawn between "neurodiverse" and disabled?


  • Now what about the other groups labeled 'neurodiverse'.

    Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

  • When I talk about "curing" autism, I am not talking about curing the "neurodiverse."

    David Kirby: There is No Autism Epidemic

  • A cliched argument among allegedly autistic neurodiverse females is that autism is underdiagnosed in females.

    Neurodiversity: Just Say No

  • I work for Bristol University, arranging short courses for visually impaired adults, and other post-graduate courses for deaf and/or neurodiverse students.

    History matters « Sven’s guide to…

  • The neurodiverse are not dissimilar to Christian Missionaries who go out and try to convert lost souls.

    Neurodiversity: Just Say No

  • They will never go away or be prevented if a neurodiverse attitude is taken.

    Neurodiversity: Just Say No

  • It seems as many or more females than males are claiming to be autistics with a neurodiverse inclination.

    Neurodiversity: Just Say No

  • This might be a response from a neurodiverse person, but the problem with this is that a number of these people who preach these ideas saying that autism "is only a difference" are often on SSI or are clients of state regional centers or have other taxpayer provided services for them because they have a disability.

    Neurodiversity: Just Say No

  • I hope that if any person touched by autism happens to read this and someone from the neurodiverse crowd gives them a homily trying to convince them of their way of thinking that they will, in the words of Nancy Reagan, just say no.www. an autistic male interested in writing autism related articles.

    Neurodiversity: Just Say No


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