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  • n. The part of an embryo that develops into the nervous system
  • n. The epithelium associated with sensory organs such as the eye or nose

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  • n. epithelium associated with special sense organs and containing sensory nerve endings


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  • (PhysOrg. com) -- Normal vertebrate brain ventricle formation relies upon the stretchiness or "relaxation" of the neuroepithelium, which is regulated by the motor protein myosin. - latest science and technology news stories

  • "The neuroepithelium is really complicated," says Gutzman, who relied on sophisticated imaging and three-dimensional reconstruction techniques to observe brain individual cells in the living embryo.

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  • Gutzman and Sive conclude that the neuroepithelium must relax, through reduction of myosin activity, for the hindbrain ventricle to reach its normal working volume.

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  • The squatter shape of the cells offered a clue as to why the neuroepithelium might be less flexible.

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  • McCurdy RD, Feron F, Perry C, Chant DC, McLean D, et al. (2006) Cell cycle alterations in biopsied olfactory neuroepithelium in schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder using cell culture and gene expression analyses.

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  • Epidermis B. Absorption - lining epithelium of intestines C. Secretion - glands D. Excretion - lining epithelium of tubules of kidney E. Filtration - lining epithelium of kidneys F. Lubrication - glands secreting mucus (goblet cells, Brunner's gland, esophageal glands) G. Sensory receptors - neuroepithelium III - Classification: A.

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  • NesCre+ / 0; Rosa26R+ / 0 brain section: the anterior pituitary originates from the pharyngeal wall, not from neuroepithelium, to which

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  • NesCre is expressed in neuroepithelium by neuronal and glial precursors.

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  • The aggregates were of a uniform size and, remarkably, more than 95\% of the cells within them formed a consistent curved sheet during the first 5 days in culture, which closely resembled the neuroepithelium that forms on the outer surface of the embryo during the earlier stages of neural development.

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