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  • n. A neurosarcoma.


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  • Now, a claim to a pharmaceutical composition comprising an idiotypic monoclonal antibody immmunologically reactive with a neurofibrosarcoma is the kind of "reach through" claim you seem to find objectionable, and there you are probably right on these facts.

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  • Claim 92 of the Alonso patent application claims a "method of treating neurofibrosarcoma in a human by administering an effective amount" of an idiotypic monoclonal antibody (mAb) secreted in a human-human cell hybridoma.

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  • What Dr. Alonzo found was that for this particular type of cancer, neurofibrosarcoma, cells could be taken and used to make human idiotypic antibodies from the patient's own tumor, which could then be used to treat the patient with (admittedly) striking results.

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  • Alonzo has provided one example of a useful antibody that shows his method of producing a self-tailored antibody for neurofibrosarcoma is enabled.

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  • That is, it is not enough to describe [] the procedure for making a human-human hybridoma from neurofibrosarcoma, and teach how to determine whether a given antibody, specific to a patient's neurofibrosarcoma, will function in the claimed method.

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  • The analogy here is Dr. Alonso's failure to disclose the structure of any neurofibrosarcoma-specific antigens, which analogy appears to disregard the significant distinctions between actual antigens expressed by these tumor cells and hypothetical inhibitors specific for COX-2.

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  • As I understand it, Alonso's method requires production of a specific mAb for each patient (a monoclonal antibody idiotypic to the neurofibrosarcoma of "said" human).

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  • A method of treating neurofibrosarcoma in a human by administering an effective amount of a monoclonal antibody idiotypic to the neurofibrosarcoma of said human, wherein said monoclonal antibody is secreted from a human-human hybridoma derived from the neurofibrosarcoma cells.

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  • I assume Alonso claimed his method of producing specific monoclonal antibodies using that neurofibrosarcoma cell.

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  • These include the biological facts that the "well-known correlation between the structure and function of neurofibrosarcoma-specific antibodies," the shared function between members of the subgenus of antibodies raised against a specific patient's tumor, the "well-known correlation between human antibody structure and antibody function," and that monoclonal antibodies are necessarily specific for the neurofibrosarcoma against which they are raised.

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