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  • n. Any of the long, fine threads that make up a neurofibril.

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  • n. A neurofibril


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neuro- +‎ filament


  • Furthermore, Dr. Kinsbourne did not suggest that neurofilament testing would be helpful or useful in detecting neuroinflammation.

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  • ASD, and tried to tie Colin's neurofilament test results to that opinion, but those results were performed by an unreliable laboratory.

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  • Consistent with this, an inverse correlation between CD99 expression and H-neurofilament expression, neural differentiation, and oncogenic transformation was observed in patient-derived EWS cells. - latest science and technology news stories

  • In vitro, it increased expression of H-neurofilament, a marker of neuronal differentiation. - latest science and technology news stories

  • We observed promoter methylation and loss of expression in neurofilament heavy polypeptide (NEFH) in a significant proportion of primary esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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  • The role of NEFH has been studied extensively in motor neurons that require a high level of mitochondrial activity and harbor increased neurofilament content compared to other neuronal groups

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  • Berges R, Bocquet A, Eyer J (2008) Review of the multiple aspects of neurofilament functions, and their possible contribution to neurodegeneration.

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  • Hippocampal neurons labeled for neurofilament (red) and transfected with beta-galactosidase - Articles related to How technology will change our future

  • In addition, we show that LANP directly regulates expression of the neurofilament light chain, an important neuron-specific cytoskeletal gene, by binding to the promoter of this gene and modulating histone acetylation levels.

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  • The protein group includes neurofilament subunits that are classified as light, medium and heavy.

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