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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the glial cells or neuroglia.

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  • adj. relating to or consisting of neuroglia


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neuroglia +‎ -al


  • These neuroglial cells, or simply glia cells, outnumber the nerve cells by 10 to i.

    The Human Brain

  • Section of central canal of medulla spinalis, showing ependymal and neuroglial cells. (v. Lenhossek.)

    Illustrations. Fig. 667

  • The spongioblasts develop into the neuroglial cells of the ganglia.

    IX. Neurology. 2. Development of the Nervous System

  • The spongioblasts are at first connected to one another by filaments of the syncytium; in these, fibrils are developed, so that as the neuroglial cells become defined they exhibit their characteristic mature appearance with multiple processes proceeding from each cell.

    IX. Neurology. 2. Development of the Nervous System

  • The remainder of the tube forms the medulla spinalis or spinal cord; from its ectodermal wall the nervous and neuroglial elements of the medulla spinalis are developed while the cavity persists as the central canal.

    I. Embryology. 6. The Neural Groove and Tube

  • On section it is seen that the funiculus separans is formed by a strip of thickened ependyma, and the area postrema by loose, highly vascular, neuroglial tissue containing nerve cells of moderate size.

    IX. Neurology. 4a. The Hind-brain or Rhombencephalon

  • The host laboratory, located in the center of Paris, is expert in the field of gap junctions, hemichannels and neuroglial interactions.

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  • The project will focus on the development of new models of connexin and pannexin inactivation in mature astrocytes, to study the functions of these molecules in neuroglial and gliovascular interactions in the mouse brain.

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  • These are the glial cells (neuroglial cells), together termed the neuroglia.

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  • This intercellular communication between glia has implications for neuroglial and gliovascular interactions and hence has added another level of complexity to our understanding of brain function.

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