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  • n. Any of a class of vertebrate globins involved in cellular oxygen homeostasis


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  • Professor Olof Lindahl and his research associate Kerstin Ramser in Luleå are developing a so-called micro-flow system to study, for instance, how the vital oxygen-bearing protein neuroglobin, which is found in brain cells, is affected by the lack of oxygen that occurs in stroke.


  • Mice genetically engineered to both overproduce the protein neuroglobin and to develop Alzheimer's d ...


  • Overproduction of neuroglobin in the brains of mice has been shown to mitigate the consequences of damage relating to oxygen deficiency in stroke.


  • Scientists discover how neuroglobin protects against - Business News

  • I do however need to adjust my lifestyle in order to avoid additional risk factors. neuroglobin is such a cool sounding protein.

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  • When the oxygen did bind to the iron heme molecule in the artificial protein, the solution in which the reaction took place changed color from dark red to scarlet, a color signature almost identical to natural neuroglobin.


  • Here we introduce this method with the design of an oxygen transport protein, akin to human neuroglobin.

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  • "The older we get, the less neuroglobin this particular gene produces in our brains ­ unless something stimulates the gene to produce more," Avramopoulos explains.

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  • They were surprised to find that neuroglobin levels were higher in the brain tissue from Alzheimer's patients than that of the control group.

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  • "An intriguing part of this study was the high levels of neuroglobin that we found in the Alzheimer's brain, which was exactly the opposite from what we expected," says Dimitrios Avramopoulos, M.D.,

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