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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or produced by a neurohumor


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  • The drunk illustration I used earlier shows how certain well-known facts about the demands of everyday life can make clearer some of the principles involved in the unconscious, wired-in stress responses mediated by the neurohumoral system.

    Handbook of Stress

  • Excessive anabolic neurohumoral activities leading to reduction in catabolism is the feature of KAPHA VRUDDHI.

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  • Shaucha constitutes smooth and uninterrupted cascade of neural and neurohumoral events as Ill as appropriate events such as secretions of exocrine glands and muscular activity and metabolic activity.

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  • Current areas of investigation include neurohumoral, cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating airway contractility, airway smooth muscle growth and cell surface receptor expression; regulation of postnatal development and growth of the lung; developmental effects of pulmonary inflammation and oxidative lung injury on airway and pulmonary vascular reactivity; biochemical and molecular regulation of membrane ion channels in cystic fibrosis; maturational changes in chest wall and airway function; pulmonary manifestations of sickle cell disease; the physiological basis of ventilator dependence in children with chronic respiratory insufficiency; and developmental aspects of respiratory mechanics and ventilatory control.

    Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine


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