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  • n. Plural form of neuropathy.


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  • Pain and numbness in the body’s nerves—primarily in the hands, feet, and face—are called neuropathies.

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  • All the above conditions exist as central nervous system neuropathies, that is, central nervous manifestations of a systemic autoimmune, inflammatory disease process.

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  • Chronic exposure can cause peripheral neuropathies, electrolyte abnormalities and renal toxicity.

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  • When Lupski focused on just the known CMT genes and others linked with various neuropathies, there was a short list of fifty-four candidates.

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  • Coal-burning power plants can release mercury into the atmosphere even knowing the cost in psychotic episodes, kidnapping and murdering children, murder/suicides, "going postal", families killed by complete strangers or each other, increased incidence of autism, diabetes, alzheimer's, psychosis by chemical neuropathies -- the utter breakdown of the social contract and respect for "inalienable rights".

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  • Most important, work to control your blood sugar because diabetes is a major cause of neuropathies.

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  • In 1996, a Parke-Davis sales representative created a document that said sales representatives could ask doctors if they ever used other antiepileptic drugs for painful neuropathies and then mention that approximately 35% of all Neurontin use is non-seizure.

    Suicide Risk of Neurontin Kept Hidden for Years

  • The use of Chinese medicine—both acupuncture and Chinese herbs—may improve CD4 cell counts and immune system functioning, abate drug side effects, and relieve some symptoms, such as night sweats, nausea, diarrhea, and neuropathies pain or lack of feeling in the extremities.28,29 However, be aware of drug interactions and toxicity, especially if you are taking multiple drugs.


  • - Prevention and treatment of peripheral neuropathies, particularly if isoniazid (INH) has been prescribed

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  • While it cannot be proved retrospectively that any experience of possession, conversion, revelation, or divine ecstasy was merely an epileptic discharge, we must ask how one differentiates "real transcendence" from neuropathies that produce the same extreme realness, profundity, ineffability, and sense of cosmic unity.

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