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  • adj. Pertaining to the nervous system and the physical body.


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neuro- +‎ physical


  • “Quantum theory in neuroscience and psychology: a neurophysical model of mind/brain interaction”.

    Quantum Approaches to Consciousness

  • The paper, “Quantum physics in neuroscience and psychology: a neurophysical model of mind-brain interaction” Jeffrey M. Schwartz, Henry P. Stapp, Mario Beauregard, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences, 2005 argues for a quantum mechanical approach to the problem of mind-brain interaction.

    Dembski, Decoherence and the brain - The Panda's Thumb

  • The dispute is about whether two thinkers can differ in the contents of their mental states without also differing in some neurophysical respect.


  • They didn't look at the psychological or neurophysical effects, but then why would they?

    The Forest for the Spoons

  • To see this neurophysical possibility, we need to use not monologic, which can only see one thing at a time, but polylogic, which understands human individuality as both a matter of form and of formlessness, and of ultimate unity.

    The Wonder of Children

  • Physical relaxation—the neurophysical skill of deep relaxation, acquired by any of a number of special training techniques.

    Stress and the Manager

  • He has also published, alone or with his collaborators, many scientific papers on neurophysical topics, being appointed an Editor of The Journal of

    Herbert S. Gasser - Biography

  • In this I, of course, only assert here the neurophysical side, which is everywhere present, even if everywhere subordinate to the spiritual side.

    Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene

  • What we’ve learned about the human soul provides us a neurophysical explanation for the statistical difficulty with these long-distance relationships.

    The Wonder of Children

  • The Lady T’Zan worked with her husband on the neurophysical aspects of the stasis procedure.

    The Vulcan Academy Murders


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