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  • n. The design and manufacture of neural prosthetics


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  • Today's New York Times reports on new developments in neuroprosthetics, implants enabling the control of technology like robotics and computers with your thoughts.

    Boing Boing: July 9, 2006 - July 15, 2006 Archives

  • This sort of technology, sometimes called neuroprosthetics, was recently profiled in an open-access Nature special and has allowed people to operate simple computer controls via their thoughts in experimental set-ups.

    Mind Hacks: October 2006 Archives

  • Rupp's group of researchers have specialized especially in system for Functional Electrical Stimulation, what are known as neuroprosthetics, with which high-level paraplegics can regain part of the grasping function of a paralyzed hand.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • A thought-controlled voice synthesiser might be the next logical step for 'neuroprosthetics'.

    Mind Hacks: 2005-07-22 Spike activity

  • As an example, a recent piece of cognitive research published in The Journal of Neural Engineering reported that scientists have designed a brain implant capable of restoring lost memory function and strengthening information recall in rats -- a critical first step in showing that the cognitive function can be improved with neuroprosthetics and one which raises profound moral and ethical issues.

    Klaus Schwab: Survival in the Age of Complexity

  • The article, titled "What if Bionics Were Better" is the final part in Wired News's excellent series on artificial limbs and neuroprosthetics.

    Boing Boing: September 24, 2006 - September 30, 2006 Archives

  • O'BRIEN: This is the state of the art in neuroprosthetics, and let's listen to one of the lead authors in all this, Neurobiologist Andrew Schwartz, University of Pittsburgh.

    CNN Transcript Jun 2, 2008

  • These findings are likely to have significant implications for the field of neuroprosthetics that aims to interface prosthetic replacements for damaged body parts directly with the nervous system.

    Mind Hacks: Limb amputation reduces brain volume in thalamus

  • The article is full of sci-fi speculation, but notes that it is grounded in current scientific developments and particularly the developing field of neuroprosthetics.

    Mind Hacks: Cracking the neural code

  • I find I only have the attention to study what I am really interested in- if you love molecular biology then I assure you there are ways to integrate that into neuroprosthetics.

    Mind Hacks: Misha


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