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  • abbr. neuter

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  • An abbreviation of neuter.


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  • And landing with a thud is a new A.T. Kearney report promoting the ultimate net neut bête noire .

    What Price the Cloud?

  • Yet every other potential solution is also opposed by the net neut crowd, including metered pricing.

    What Price the Cloud?

  • All along, what the net neut crazies have lacked in intellectual consistency they've made up in fealty to the business interests of companies that fear their services would become unattractive if users had one eye on a bandwidth meter.

    What Price the Cloud?

  • Originally neut. in Gmc., the gender shifted to masc. after the coming of Christianity.

    Another Look

  • What was most striking about the set of net neut "principles" Google produced this week with former antagonist Verizon was that they didn't apply to wireless.

    Google and the Search for the Future

  • Shorn of these two incidents, the dread behind the net neut campaign would lack a single talking point from the real world.

    End of the Net Neut Fetish?

  • It seems like ancient history now, but BitTorrent — a program used to exchange everything from TV shows to motorcycle shop manuals, often in violation of copyright laws — gave rise to one of the two episodes hugged to the breast of the net neut campaigners.

    End of the Net Neut Fetish?

  • Our point was that the net neut fetish was dead, and good riddance.

    End of the Net Neut Fetish

  • The unraveling of the net neut coalition is perhaps the one meaningful result of the new net neut "principles" enunciated this week by former partisans Google and Verizon.

    End of the Net Neut Fetish

  • Or Google and its ilk would have to be "willing to subsidize delivery of their services to mobile consumers which would turn net neut precisely on its head."

    End of the Net Neut Fetish


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