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  • v. Alternative spelling of neutralised; simple past tense and past participle of neutralize.

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  • adj. made neutral in some respect; deprived of distinctive characteristics


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neutralize +‎ -ed


  • After the copper or iron salt is neutralized, which is known by its ceasing to effervesce, the carbonate of the metal will settle slowly, and will at first nearly fill the vessel.

    American Hand Book of the Daguerreotype

  • What she appears to be is a former political force in America who has been "neutralized" by the Obama administration.

    North Korea: Clinton 'funny lady, by no means intelligent'

  • "He started shouting, saying he wanted asylum and tried to take the assistant consul," after which he was "neutralized" by the embassy's security staff, the statement said.

    Palestinian Storms Turkish Embassy

  • Since March, 10 of its top 18 leaders have been "neutralized," the senior intelligence official said.

    Iraq's Failure to Form a Government Concerns U.S. Spy Officials

  • Merck had a list of doctors who were to be "neutralized" or "discredited" because they had criticized the painkiller Vivoxx (now withdrawn from the market.) Those Doctors who play ball with the major pharmaceutical corporations and prescribe large enough quantities of a company's drugs may receive "incentives."

    Corporate Swine Project Significant Profits for Toxic Flu Vaccines

  • The three defendants were named in later revealed COINTELPRO documents as Black Liberation Army (BLA) and Panther Party (BPP) members, targeted to be "neutralized" by the FBI's war on dissent, political activism, and opposition to government injustice against society's most vulnerable - a war still raging against Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, activists, and heroic lawyers who defend them.

    Printing: Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim Denied Parole

  • Tories confidently crowed in private that Afghanistan had been "neutralized" as a potential election issue and indeed it's waned in terms opposition sniping and public attention since the spring.

    Daimnation!: Afghanistan and the election

  • The man had to be "neutralized" in some "acceptable way", silenced, rendered irrelevant, for he was a smouldering threat to the propaganda managers, the carefully nurtured myths on which so much of the system's legitimacy depends.

    Reflections on the legacy of Gore Vidal

  • We've calculated how much we've driven and "neutralized" our impact on the atmosphere through the Presidio's School of Management (and Chicago Climate Exchange) excellent program DriveNeutral.

    surf's up

  • The U.S. military said the seven-day operation "neutralized" an insurgent sanctuary.



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