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  • This time the message came straight from Miniluv, whose never-resting eye keeps watch over every enemy of the state, foreign or domestic, real or, far more often, the creation of paranoid delusion combined with political convenience.

    Revealing the Secrets in Room 101

  • In 1896, Mahler wrote, “When you wake out of this sad dream, and must re-enter life, confused as it is, it happens easily that this always-stirring, never-resting, never-comprehensible pushing that is life becomes horrible to you … Then life seems meaningless to you, like a horrible chimera, that you wrench yourself out of with a horrible cry of disgust.”


  • From land to land he has wandered with his quiet, unhurried, but never-resting step — they say he has been even to Jerusalem.

    The Inn

  • The large molecules, which include the proteins, interact with one another and with other molecules in a never-resting molecular machinery.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002

  • The cityscape was a granite-and-glass mountain range, all glistening peaks and shadowy valleys of ceaseless life, a throbbing, pulsating, never-resting free-for-all of people and ideas and stories just screaming to be told.

    Sins of Two Fathers

  • Something stirred, far below the surface of the deep waters off the California coast, under the patterns of the never-resting currents.

    Deep Water

  • He felt that life had been hard for her because of the frequent absences of his father on official business, and this was one of the reasons why he never married, because he did not want to subject a wife to his life as a never-resting public servant.

    Heroines of Peace

  • It was now dark, and the stars blazed down upon the never-resting city, with its sinister record of outrages and crimes, and its charm which was as the alluring of some wild gypsy queen.

    The Hippodrome

  • His was a stormy spirit -- "The never-resting soul that ever seeks the new."

    Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde"; an essay on the Wagnerian drama

  • Side by side with the peace of night, there dwell Spirits of Evil, the never-resting, vagrant, home-destroying guests, who enter unbidden into the human soul!

    A Ghetto Violet From "Christian and Leah"


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