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  • n. A cusp form that is "new" at a given level N, where the levels are the nested subgroups Γ0(N) of the modular group, with N ordered by divisibility.
  • v. To form or shape anew; reform.


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From new- +‎ form.

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new +‎ form


  • Afterunitingat the federal level (at least to adegreethat willpass legislation), we already have a newform of pushback: State-rule challenges.

    2010 March « Biodork

  • The head of his party in the lower house of parliament, Fabrizio Cicchitto, said the documents were representative of a newform of "media terrorism".

    WikiLeaks US embassy cables: as it happened

  • Not too complicated, a dihedral ray sent through a newform tesla coil – energy through copper or other alloy compound pyramid, base at edge of tesla coil point, point of pyramid to your point of aim.. charged dihedral ray point of ignition in guess charge and combustion or action phase.

    What was the Norway Spiral? | Universe Today

  • I was able to find some pretty nice newform bits there and if you're working with Django, it's totally worth checking out.

    Sticking it out - Leah Culver's Blog

  • I've been writing forms that override different functions of the newform depending on what I need.

    May 2007

  • It was decided early on that the standard newform. aspx, editform. aspx and dispform. aspx pages that come by default with the instantiation of a new list were not going to be sufficient for the purposes of this list.

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