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  • noun countable, slang A transwoman with male genitalia, a pre-op or non-op male-to-female transexual.
  • noun anime, manga, slang A character with a female body but only male genitals.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Japanese ニューハーフ (nyūhāfu, "new half") < ハーフ (hāfu, "half") (half-male half-female in this case)


  • This is an interesting story: she was originally a woman, but videogame executives thought maybe Americans would consider hitting women rude, so they decided to make her a "newhalf," i.e., give her a penis, apparently under the rationale that the American market couldn't possibly find anything controversial about that.

    APED: "frozen ghazal"

  • I loved/hated Magneto turning out to be a newhalf, and that’s why he and Charles are at odds, not some silly mutant ideology donssword

    Win X-Men: Misfits! » Manga Worth Reading


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