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  • n. Plural form of newsflash.


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  • The tram crash video "newsflashes", screened daily online, reflect

    The Guardian World News

  • To a soundtrack of cooking tips, paedophilia newsflashes and outtakes from the film Brief Encounter, she tries to seduce a stuffed tiger, intercutting her swaying flamenco with mad, petulant little flounces.

    Alonzo King Lines Ballet; Retina dance company, Collisions, Juliet Aster

  • Please note: there is a new widget to the left entitled "Farmer Radical's Garden News" which will be periodically updated with various newsflashes about local food.

    Patriarchal Equilibrium Anyone? Judith Bennett Responds

  • R2NN is similar to a news network in that it will update you with regular newsflashes and reports on positive steps towards change from around the world, from breakthroughs in personal development approaches (think "microscope") to major geo-political shifts such as the election and new policies of Barack Obama (think "macroscope").

    News from our friend Dr Robin Wood.....

  • Other newsflashes: water has been found to be wet, up is in fact 180 degrees from down, and Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper tastes like oversweetened carbonated flatulence.

    Publishing Myopia

  • NationalJournal. com is an obligatory stop by news junkies, and newsflashes are available at CNN's Political Ticker

    In New-Media World,

  • When you see newsflashes about tube stations on fire, you know I'm in london.

    Is there an echo in here?

  • I related these newsflashes to our favorite librarians, while the little man played games on the computer in the kiddie corner.

    weapons of massdistraction › Unhealthy For All

  • Welles and Koch told the story as a series of newsflashes that intruded without warning into what sounded like a perfectly routine program....and a great many listeners switched at an inopportune moment from a rival network, which was broadcasting the wildly popular Charlie McCarthy Show.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • From the newsflashes it looked like the Alley Cats had appropriated a large section of the eastern half of Yeovil, and the abandoned helicopter factory was now the territory of a crossbow-wielding group of ginger toms.

    Augmented animals


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