from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Plural of nexus.


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  • There was a great deal of mumbling about time vortices, dimensional nexi, and controlled catastrophe theory.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • Nostrils pinched, mouths puckered, they plunged back into the depths of the cupboards, the floor, the ceiling, returning at breakneck speed to the noxious nexi of their respective existences.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • Eventually, led by Ardenal's daggers (which can sense portals, magical nexi, and any other plot devices I deem relevant), they all discovered a large gaping hole in the ground, about the size of a small coliseum.

    Gamemastering Is An Art, Part VII: Catching Up

  • The San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall, up a steep, tree-lined and particularly Hitchcockian street in North Beach, has become a sound-art nexus in a city with more than its fair share of sound-art nexuses nexi? nexes? nexum?

    Disquiet » Coelacanth MP3s

  • As for the others who might somehow locate the translational nexi ... well, you know who I mean ...

    ncunuabula: Catalogue of Rare Books, Manuscripts & Curiosa, Conspiracy Theory, Frontier Science & Alternative Worlds from Emory Cranston Part II

  • They would have arrived sooner except that they, like every other cybernetics tech in the region, had been busy trying to restore a semblance of order to such things as hospitals and communications, all of whose central control nexi had demonstrated an intense and inexplicable desire to begin searching for higher forms of intelligent life.


  • In the company of its spiritual children-a host of grateful cortical nexi, vehicles, vid monitors, and assorted household appliances'the O-daiko found itself beginning to bond with a vast alien yet amenable intelligence.


  • Spring-summer weather patterns (moderate humidity and temperatures; rain probability 35% per day); westerly and southwesterly winds of 10 to 30 km/hr at ground level, indexed for altitude; use of highly persistent agents against communications nexi, POMCUS sites, airfields, supply, and nuclear weapon storage facilities (normal computed delivery error rate, see Appendix F of Annex 1).

    Red Storm Rising

  • What sort of. specimen, whose mind only is needed-the neural network, the electro-organic nexi?


  • What sort of. specimen, whose mind only is needed? the neural network, the electro? organic nexi?



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