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  • adj. Alternative spelling of next-door and next door.
  • adv. Alternative spelling of next door and next-door.


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From next + door


  • If you have the need to groan and moan with one another. .do it elsewhere so we who are doing our homework do NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE LOUD RADIO some idiot nextdoor is using to play music we hate anyhow in the background while trying to findout what happened to the initial thread!

    Cost of living in Guanajuato or San Miguel

  • Walker chose to depict not a stereotypical story of a nextdoor-neighbour-boy that gets into the military, is made a Fighting Machine and turns home a Hero.

    How An American Soldier Is Made: The Story of Ian Fisher

  • Many of the fotos are missing on the Blog and I didn't see the section on Barra de Navidad - I live nextdoor.

    Mission to Mexico

  • But then the Housing Authority of the town nextdoor got $94,853 and somehow managed ot create or save 22 jobs … ..

    Meet Grant Bosse (CAND, NH-00). - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • He got our cousin from nextdoor also understands the riddle.

    The Riddle of Steel

  • Shame on us for being so social with the rest of the world, but not social enough to offer your bother, your sister, your friend you grow up nextdoor to a bandage.

    Public option not likely to pass in the Senate, Hatch says

  • And the cop seven shot to kill a wounded bear. really the officer nextdoor to me laughed at this story. he said the only reason he is laughing is it turned out alright for the humans.

    Ten Shots Finally Kill Intruding Black Bear

  • The service is free, and says it doesn't sell members' information or solicit them with advertisements.

    The Best In…

  • On the website , you can build a neighbors-only social network.

    The Best In…

  • David soon came out of his parents 'home and motioned for Evert to go with him upstairs nextdoor so they could start their lesson.

    Language Lesson


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