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  • noun In New Zealand, Myoporum lætum, a shrub or small tree closely allied to the bastard sandalwood of Hawaii (M. Sandwicense) and the Australian blueberry-tree (M. serratum). It bears small edible drupes and its light, tough white wood is used for making gunstocks. In the South Island the name is generally corrupted to kaio.

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  • noun An evergreen tree, Myoporum laetum, native to New Zealand.


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From Maori.


  • Ihave about a hundred english murder mysteries from agatha christie to ngaio marsh to ruth rendell to p. d.james, ect … i would trade them in or sell them for a mere pittance so that i might be able to aquire some new titles.

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  • Richard Boston Reading, Berkshire EUREKA Ngaio Marsh I seem to have known for a long time that ngaio, the given name of the late Novo-Zelanian author of detective novels, was a Maori word, but only recently did I learn that it is the name of a New Zealand shrub or tree, related to the Australian blueberry tree and the Hawaiian bastard sandalwood, the wood of which was used for making gunstocks.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XII No 2


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