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  • n. Plural form of niceness.


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  • I heard a few Jewish chants and Unitarian nicenesses, too.

    It Wasn't Me.

  • It is the little unexpected nicenesses which creep through the armour chinks, and suddenly her restraint shivered.

    The Fashion in Shrouds

  • The Bavarians have no false pruderies, no nasty little nicenesses.

    Europe After 8:15

  • Better than any other husband she had heard of, she concluded, as she remembered many of his earlier nicenesses and finenesses, and especially his eternal chant: NOTHING IS TOO GOOD

    Chapter 14

  • I think it means that she – that young lady – had all the nicenesses of the French and all the goodnesses of the English.

    Our Little Canadian Cousin

  • His appearance suggested all wires and indifference to the nicenesses of life.

    The Forfeit

  • And the heroine, nice, amiable, benevolent, and anxious to please and behave well, but hopelessly secondhand in her morals and nicenesses, and consequently without any real moral force now that the threat of hell has lost its terrors for her, is left destitute among the failures which are so puzzling to thoughtless people.

    The Irrational Knot Being the Second Novel of His Nonage

  • But on that evening Mrs Mackenzie was not able to speak to Margaret about her prospects, or to lecture her on the expediency of regarding the nicenesses of her dress in Sir John's presence, because of the two other cousins.

    Miss Mackenzie

  • Nevertheless, it was not without compunction, some twang of feminine conscience, that Mrs Mackenzie gave up this opportunity of saying some last important word, and perhaps doing some last important little act with regard to those nicenesses of which she thought perhaps too much.

    Miss Mackenzie

  • The young man had liked prettiness and softness and grace and feminine nicenesses; and seeing one who was prettier and more graceful, -- all which poor Clary allowed, though she was not so sure about the softness and niceness, -- had changed his aim without an effort!

    Ralph the Heir


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