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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of nicker.


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  • Again the stallion nickered, and all that moved was


  • He stamped his feet, pranced, nickered a not bad imitation of Mountain Lad, tossed an imaginary mane, and cried:


  • It nickered at her and, sniffing the air deeply, took one step in her direction.

    Wilkinson's Folly

  • The horse nickered and nuzzled him, searching for a treat.

    Violet Eyes

  • The unicorn nickered, bowed, then craned his graceful neck toward the shore as if to say, Can we finish this now?

    Fatal Circle

  • He nickered eagerly as she approached with the filled basket, and in the next instant he was tearing into the mound, his thick black-and-silver mane clouding his face.

    Raven Speak

  • So, after releasing the cow and her calf to graze around the settlement, and checking on Rune and the other two horses in the outfield—he nickered with renewing spirit—she began retracing their steps to the mountain with the picture-stone.

    Raven Speak

  • At the sight of the rockweed, the other two horses pricked their ears and nickered.

    Raven Speak

  • So she threw another stone, and then another and another, heaving with all her strength and grunting like an animal until the dun horse behind her nickered his worry.

    Raven Speak

  • Finally he nickered his concern, four honeyed notes that started deep and descended deeper, reaching through her numbed darkness.

    Raven Speak


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