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  • Comments but nifong is proceeding with charges against three of the players according to WRAL .... what's going on? what kind of DNA was sought and from where -- was it simply looking for semen (meaning if the men wore condoms the test is inconclusive?) [ELM: No, Kate, from what I read, the test was considerably broader than that, looking not just for semen but also lubricant and latex residue.

    Is That Legal?: An Ugly Case Takes A Stunning Turn

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your reading comprehension obviously sucks. thanks for the laugh though...i needed after spending hours reading about eicosinoids and NSAIDs. where have i defended nifong?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Nifong Before Lacrosse

  • Doctor Funkenstein: Our AG is an opportunistic twat-waffle and, unfortunately, a strong candidate to be the next governor. ask nifong how all that worked out for him .....

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • it was the media, and nifong, that turned the case into such a debacle. then, as the *real* facts started dribbling out simultaneously with prosecutorial misconduct and Duke administration spinelessness/overreaction, the patent injustice kept it going in the national consciousness.

    The accuser in the Duke rape case is publishing a memoir.

  • nifong should serve the time he sought for the falsely accused. what a pathetic, bad man.

    “He feels very disappointed that he can’t go on for her."

  • whatever terrible things the SANE nurse, Nifong, etc. and they all suck did, there is still this reflexive willingness to assume the best about nifong.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Nifong’s Enablers

  • she did more damge (and nifong) to REAL rape victims than 1,000,000 drunk white privileged frat boys (tm) could ever do (note: sarcasm).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Media Mob Descends on Duke:


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