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  • n. nigger


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Shortening of nigger.


  • Moreover, Heil dem König is not primarily directed to the object it ostensibly names as the target of its “greeting.”

    Patriot Acts: The Political Language of Henrich von Kleist

  • This new graphic novel by König is absolutely hysterical.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • "Ask the PSI" is always a good bet but isn't always helpful if you don't want to bother your PSI with what might appear to be a bone question or, he's not the most approachable guy in the first place or, a nig is a little nervous/doesn't want to make a tw@t of himself then, surely, a courses page on here could only be helpful (allowing for the obvious fact that some PSI's may be inundated with requests for the underwater knife fighting course - by all and sundry but that's then down to the individual concerned whether he/she makes an arrse of themselves).

    Army Rumour Service

  • I've also seen in the blogshere a lot of weird suggestion that the 3am ad subliminally used "nig" on a child's nightgown.

    Top Obama Adviser: Hillary Must Remove Ferraro From Campaign

  • I just have to say that we are a mixed race family through adoption and both of my African American teenaged sons as well as my Anglo husband and I saw this as "nig" while watching this ad replayed yesterday during a discussion on Chris Matthews show with Prof.

    A few more thoughts about the Clinton ad with the letters "NIG" on the sleeping child's pajamas.

  • You'll see that given our tendency to have a slight lilt or drawl makes "nig" just too damn short, abrupt and ugly to fit into our speech patterns.

    A few more thoughts about the Clinton ad with the letters "NIG" on the sleeping child's pajamas.

  • A child's pajamas in a Hillary Clinton commercial, festooned with the word "good night," were displayed for a few frames in such a way that the letters "nig" were kinda-sorta highlighted. "nig" might by sensible persons be thought to be three letters in "good NIGht," which otherwise appeared on the girl's pajamas, but of course, those three letters also appear at the start of the N word, and Hillary's opponent is black.

    What are Olympic viewers concerned about?

  • The symposium includes a presentation by Kiwi Camara, who has written on the issue and who, as a law student, repeatedly used the word "nig" to describe blacks on a class outline that was subsequently published on line.

    March 2006

  • If I was waiting at a landing I would post some old "nig" what to say when I went on board, so while the passengers were all out on the guards and

    Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi

  • The unlucky little "nig" in the meanwhile kept up the most unearthly yells, for so great was the depravity among them that they had rather have their palates down than up.

    Diddi, Dumps, and Tot


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