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  • n. A loose robe worn as a nightgown.


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Old English hrœgel. Confer Old High German hregil.


  • All the candles were burning, the bed was turned down, a fluffy little Paris night-rail which I recognized as one I'd bought my darling lay by the pillow, and her scent was in the air.

    The Sky Writer

  • I went up, and was making for the chamber I shared with Kralta when a soft voice called and I turned to see the Prince's maitresse-en-titre, she of the heroic bosom, standing in an open doorway in a silk night-rail that was never designed for sleeping.


  • I performed my ablutions in some bewilderment, and my good angel prompted me to wrap a towel round myself before venturing out, for when I did, damned if the door he'd used didn't open, and a massive bosom emerged, followed by the soulful countess in a night-rail fashioned apparently from a scrap of mosquito-net.


  • The lout saw me silently into a room, which was as I'd expected - bars on the window, lock clicking behind me, and Kralta sitting up in the great four-post bed, clad in a gauzy night-rail and a look of expectation.


  • She blinked at me, dabbing at her eyelashes -- God, she was a beauty, in her flimsy night-rail -- they seemed to be wearing them very low in Strackenz that winter, and I was beginning to come all over of a heat, what with her nearness and the scent of her hair, and the troubled adoration in her lovely eyes.

    Royal Flash

  • Her unbound hair of brown fell like a mantle about her shoulders, and this fact it was drew me to notice that she was in her night-rail, and that this room to which I had penetrated was her chamber.

    Bardelys the Magnificent; being an account of the strange wooing pursued by the Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol, marquis of Bardelys...

  • I must needs brush my cheek, then, with the sleeve of my night-rail.

    Richard Carvel — Volume 08

  • Her feet were bare, and she wore but a dark cloak over her night-rail.

    The Blue Pavilions

  • Clad in cloak and night-rail, shod in loose slippers of Indian leather-work, she moved across to the fire she had banked overnight.

    Lady Good-for-Nothing

  • Towards evening Cecily, fluttering in after long hours of attendance, found her in her night-rail, half kneeling beside the bed, half fallen upon the floor ....

    Sir Mortimer


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