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  • Walking about at night.
  • noun Walking in one's sleep; somnambulism.
  • noun A roving in the streets at night with evil designs.


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  • There were rumblings in the mountains, night-walking of spirits; a woman of Punta-Puna had been struck speechless, and a five - legged she-goat had been born in the village of Eiho.


  • But what the Government was really most boastful about was the way in which they reckoned the streets had been made safer for all peace-loving night-walking lewdies in the last six months, what with better pay for the police and the police getting like tougher with young hooli - gans and perverts and burglars and all that cal.

    Where's the show?

  • Pleasant Ladies, the charme or conjuration wherwith Madam Aemillia laid her night-walking Spirit, maketh me remember a Novell of another enchantment; which although it carrieth not commendation equall to the other, yet I intend to report it, because it suteth with our present purpose, and I cannot sodainly be furnisht with another, answerable thereto in nature.

    The Decameron

  • Is it then only a base name, and a visionary opinion of night-walking Sophists, and not an actual thing lying conspicuous to all, like vice, so that we cannot partake of anything as profitable, ... but least, O ye gods! of virtue, for which we were created?

    Essays and Miscellanies

  • Recovering the further side of the River, he espied a light, and the doore of an house open, wherein dwelt a poore man, whom he earnestly intreated, to save both his life and reputation, telling him many lies and tales by what meanes he was thus disguised, and throwne by night-walking Villaines into the water.

    The Decameron

  • He felt better with the hawk eye around his neck; such talismans kept the night-walking spirits away, and demons, as well as guarding him from the crocodiles of Great Mother River.


  • And never mind that it was Altan custom to give their boy children unpleasant names while they were young to mislead the night-walking ghosts into thinking they were worthless rather than snatching them up in the darkness.


  • Alberich had brought the all-black night-walking suit when he'd collected Skif's clothing.

    Take A Thief

  • It was easy enough to guess that it would be the call of some night-walking bird or animal of India, and it was unlikely that anyone would be prowling the streets of London making such a sound, unless he was from her homeland, and he and those with him had a reason to keep their movements a secret.

    The Serpent's Shadow

  • It went to my heart; but I feared some night-walking thief would see the light.

    The King Must Die


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