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  • n. Work done at night.


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  • Self-taught astronomical- and surveying-instrument-maker, Rittenhouse built an observatory in Philadelphia and his night-work soon became known in Europe.

    American Connections

  • A jovial fellow was this partner — a capital convivial member of the Jolly Britons, where he used to sit very late, so as to be in readiness for any night-work that might come in.

    The Newcomes

  • With such talk, mostly in a cheerful tone on the part of the industrious little creature, the day-work and the night-work were beguiled until enough of smart dolls had gone forth to bring into the kitchen, where the working-bench now stood, the sombre stuff that the occasion required, and to bring into the house the other sombre preparations.

    Our Mutual Friend

  • Your godfather writes a most excellent hand, considering that it is his left hand; but my eyes are sore from so much night-work.


  • Call, by which he is to receive twenty-five dollars a week, with no more night-work; he says further that he has closed with the

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • His night-work pleased him, his deed and its honor.

    Beowulf, translated by Francis Gummere

  • Now Diabolus and his men being expertly accustomed to night-work, took the alarm presently, and were as ready to give them battle, as if they had sent them word of their coming.

    The Holy War

  • And besides this night-work, each prepostor had three or four fags specially allotted to him, of whom he was supposed to be the guide, philosopher, and friend, and who in return for these good offices had to clean out his study every morning by turns, directly after first lesson and before he returned from breakfast.

    Tom Brown's Schooldays

  • And now it may be readily guessed in what thrilling night-work these canoe-men are engaged as they skim over Squaw Pond, with no swish of paddle, nor jar of motion, nor even a noisy breath, disturbing the brooding silence through which they glide.

    Camp and Trail A Story of the Maine Woods

  • I may have taken a few drinks too many now and then, but few men of my age can stand more night-work or do more practice than I can, and I've about rounded my three-score and ten.

    Our Nervous Friends — Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness


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