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  • adj. Dressed in a nightgown.


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nightgown +‎ -ed


  • Their hands locked, familiar joints finding one another, his hand moves with purpose to the swell of her nightgowned hip.

    Where Alligators Sleep

  • The fur coat opens; she collapses upon Wese; her nightgowned body belongs to him; the fur, closing over the couple like the lawn over a grave, belongs to the crowd.

    The Metamorphosis, in The Penal Colony,and Other Stories

  • She grabs them, saying good-bye to her nightgowned mother, who stands at the sink eating a Pop-Tart and looking aimlessly out the window.


  • He looked pink, and extraordinarily clean, in his setting of white sheet and pillow, out of which the points of his high, thin, nightgowned shoulders emerged in small peaks.

    In Chancery

  • He saw her rise; for a second saw her nightgowned figure, her hands reach up, the long white arms, and the screening curtains close.

    On Forsyte 'Change

  • "Amy Sue, you get back in that bed before I spank you!" the woman threatened, and the little nightgowned figure fled in laughter.

    Heart Of Stone

  • Mrs. Sufyan, meanwhile, had been horrified by the sight of her younger daughter actually laying hands on the creature, and turning to the gallery of nightgowned residents she waved a soup-ladle at them and pleaded for support.

    The Satanic Verses

  • It was the time, too, when children were beginning to wake up, switch on the light and rush, barefooted and nightgowned, towards the wonderful tree.

    Seven Little Crosses

  • She caught of her large apron, rolled it into a bulky mass, and swiftly followed the small nightgowned figure.

    Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings

  • The mother girl was drinking tea and crying into it out of red swollen eyes, and twenty feet off one of the red nightgowned kids was playing "Louisiana Lou" on the barrel organ.

    Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis


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