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  • n. Plural form of nightly.


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  • Bostonpeng: You can just continue using the nightlies.

    life at the end of the universe » Nerrivik released

  • The network nightlies are pathetically homoginized bare overviews that rarely amount to more than a headline plus three sentences of truisms, and the Sunday talk/interview shows are only newsworthy in the way a press conference is.

    Suckage « BuzzMachine

  • I expect that to be reported on the first day for a couple of hours on the 24 hour news channels and maybe headline on the nightlies.

    Media Misdirection

  • What's New in This Release: [read full changelog] · Fixed a bug to allow Jetpack to work on the latest nightlies of Firefox, renamed the addon to "Jetpack Prototype", and added a banner at the top of about: jetpack informing users that the prototype is no longer under active development, and directing users to the SDK.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • And CCCP takes the pain of learning out of FFshow nightlies for everyone else

    AfterDawn: Software updates

  • With SquirrelFish out first in the WebKit nightlies several months ago, it seemed like a race was started by the coders at Apple (and friends) to get much richer and necessarily faster web applications powered by JavaScript.

    Avencius - Comments

  • This has caused some controversy and the latest Chromium nightlies now have the feature disabled by default which means that it is again possible to one-click access the web browser.

    gHacks technology news

  • At the time, Safari nightlies had one of the latest and greatest Javascipt interpreters, so

    Ars Technica

  • I'm also working (right now, in fact, while writing this post -- waiting for a build to finish!) on getting Weave ready to be used with our first nightlies, because having your Firefox history and bookmarks synced onto your phone is pretty fantastic.

    Planet Mozilla

  • The Mozillians joined the race first, by bring TraceMonkey to the Firefox 3.1 nightlies, and claiming the crown in most, if not all, areas.

    Avencius - Comments


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